I|M Community

The community center we are building is made for everybody who wants to support the independent music scene! We believe we can help non-profit organizations and artists with technology and the sharing of knowledge!

We are running in BETA version, help us improve our community center!

Do you want more information about our other projects? Go to: https://www.independentmusic.eu

Community center

Connect with people all over europe, collaborate or discover your own local music scene! We will never ask people to pay for our community center and use our social economy structure to provide an extra income for content contributors! 

Rewarding Content contributors

Our community platform is build to reward content contributors. We do this with the revenue of privacy respecting and watch for rewards advertisments! If more people use our platform then content contributors will be rewarded more for the content they publish!


To be fully transparent and ensuring our users have a safe and open expierence of our organization we will be implementing blockchain technology. We are not talking about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we are implementing our own decentralised stablecoin to provide a fast, safe and cheap way to show we do what we promise to do!

Social economy

We have build our organization is a way that we make profit, instead of using this profit for self-enrichment we will use this to financially support local non-profit projects. This means that if people like what we do we can support more and more organizations and if not then we do not have a reason to exist!

It is free and will always be so!