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Members is getting closer to our goal of creating a privacy respecting web environment specially made for musicians. artists, music organizations and all other music loving people! 
We are not trying to replace other social media platforms. We are trying to offer an alternative where data privacy is a high priority while the people who help building our community center get rewarded for their contribution. 

We think it is only normal that everybody gets rewarded for their time.

  • Create profiles; persons or organizations
  1. Create profiles.
  2. Befriend, fellow or like other profiles.
  3. Restrict organizations members to invitation or confirmation only.
  • Create Channels for easy communication
  1. Create .
  2. Communicate easy with your channel followers.
  • Create groups
  1. Create groups and create your own community inside our platform.
  • Get verified as content contributor and monetize your work
  1. Get verified to create "news".
  2. Creating "news" will be rewarded with I|M tokens.
  3. News will be automatically posted under your name throughout our network of.
  • Earn I|M tokens by watching ads.
  1. Earn tokens for watching ads
  2. While you earn tokens you also will support content creators.
  • Chance tokens to EURO or donate
  1. Chance the tokens you earned to euro.
  2. Donate the tokens to your favorite content creator!
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